About Afghan Academy

Afghan Academy is the first academy courses for who student want to improve professional skills and preparing for university. all our courses techs by experienced teachers from university and companies which they are have good skills to tech in the best way for student of basic to advance. Afghan Academy Goals are to tech you the best online and new skills courses which the university and business can tech you and all you need to find the skills that you want and search it from entire website, and if not exist we will provide a course for you just only you!.

Afghan Academy want to tech in different structure. we have plan to prepare you for university. how and why?!, became as we analyze the student graduate from university the all skills are poor and the can't find a job easily and they need to improve the skills which they learned, but this in period of time take long journey and might be boring for student or they course that they want doesn't exist in private education center and fees are't cheep.

Here are a solution we made for you: we have different plan for does type of education structure in Afghanistan and student we want to tech you a some basic and advance preparation courses for before get to university, it these type of course are all subjects special in the University. Why you should learn these type of courses before get into university? because you will understand deeply and prepare for all courses which teacher of university will tech you and you will not forget for ever. in university you will know which topic and which homework teacher will give you and you will solve all of these like eat piece of cake in addition your score will be top of 90% we promise you. after graduating of university you will know the entire subject and you can easily find the dream jobs as you wish.

We rise you for the beginning step to the end and Achieve your dream goals.

Message from Founder

The image founder of afghan academy

Mahdi Safari

I am the founder of Afghan academy. I decide to create a online education center for student field in university. I and my team hardly work for this website which we provide the best quality and new skills courses for all Afghan student. our goals is to tech the all student in different way to learn fast and smart.